Baaaaaad Blogger: Do I Have Social Media Fatigue? Or Am I Just Lazy?

Posted by on Mar 6, 2012 | 12 comments

Wow.  It has been exactly one month since I last posted.  I don’t think I’ve ever let that much time elapse since I began this blog way back in February 2011.  Oh, what interesting things I had to say back then.  I blogged about worldbuilding, “Developing Desire,” and how I gave up true love with the mailman.  I took my readers on the roller coaster of publishing my first novel.  For quite a while I was habitual about blogging at least once a week. What happened?


Yes, I did have some illnesses and some house guests this past month.  (My fifteen-year-old nephew is staying with me this week and he’s eating all my ice cream!) But things have been crazy before and I’ve always managed to get a blog post out there.

Did I run out of things to say?  That can’t be it because I didn’t have much to say when I started this and I still managed to dream up a post every week.

Did I become disillusioned by the publishing business?  Quite honestly: no.  Sure it’s scary and it’s always changing and I’ll never make a living, but, for the most part, I’m very proud of Witchlanders and very happy with my experience at Simon & Schuster.

I think I am just getting burned out on social networking in all its forms.  I was devoted to the Verla Kay message boards when I first started writing, and now I haven’t dropped by in months.  Suddenly Facebook, which I used to love, has become a place where people post pictures of dorky handwritten aphorisms that get re-shared a hundred times and clog up my feed.  As for Twitter, I never could get the hang of it.  When people don’t RT me I feel like I’m back in the high school lunch room with my bra strap showing.

Me & Plantasia having a quiet night in.

The thing is, I am an introvert.  I get almost all the social contact I require from my plant.  And when I need a little more than what an eyelash begonia can offer, I prefer to see my friends in the flesh.  In the past, I have truly enjoyed the contacts, discussions, and energy I’ve found online, but now I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I’m not sure what to do about this.  I know I need to scale back on social media, but writers are told all the time that these forms of networking are an important part of the business of selling books.

I’d love to hear about how other writers are dealing with this.  As for me, these are the steps I am going (or am not going) to take:

  •  I will blog next week.  And see how I feel about it.  Perhaps when I get back into the habit I will get back what I loved about it.
  •  I will not find out what Pinterest is.  I know it’s a new social media thing that everyone is trying out, but, “la, la, la, la,” *fingers in ears* I will not be looking into it.
  •  I will stop by the Verla Kay boards because that was something I really did enjoy.
  •  I will think about quitting Facebook and/or Twitter and I’ll let my friends tell me—in the flesh!—how I’m committing social networking suicide.




  1. I feel the same way, Lena. I did a blog post about this exact same ennui/fatigue with social networking. Still on Verla’s but not as much, still blog once a week (down from 3) Twitter (which I loved in the beginning) is becoming this noisy, crowded room. Facebook is okay – but with family on there it’s more of a way to connect with them sometimes.
    But at least we have our Torkidlit once a month get togethers!! Those I’ll never give up!
    Do what you need to do and don’t feel guilty about what you don’t. To thine own self be true. And get that book Quiet. I’m feeling it’s a must read for introverts like us.

    • Quiet sounds amazing! I hadn’t heard of it but googled it after you mentioned it. See, this is why blogging and social networking is a good thing! Good luck finding your own balance, Nelsa, and see you at TorKidLit!

  2. I’ve noticed lots of writers blogging less frequently. When you have a new book out, you need to make a big push with publicity, social and in person. But then, after a while, you just need to write your own stuff again.

    • It’s true. And sometimes I feel like I’m throwing a lot of work down a well for all the return I get. Writing a great book is the best promotion, they say. And, speaking of which, I’m about to start Candy, Crush Corpse, which has been on my side table for a month since I got an ARC at OLA. Looking forward to it!

  3. On yesterday’s TWUC webinar, “How to be Your Own Publicist,” it was suggested that the heyday of blogs may have passed. Today, everyone is sharing on Facebook and other social media outlets. Darn! Just when I was getting the hang of blogging!

    • That’s really interesting, Peggy, because Facebook and Twitter are really just soundbites, where at least you can go into some detail in a blog. Anyway, I’m sure FB and Twitter will be out of fashion by tomorrow morning!

  4. Lena,

    You cannot know how timely this is for me. Thank you!


    • Thanks Rebecca! Feeling FB and Twittered out? We can have coffee and talk about it face to face sometime! (What do you look like again?)

  5. Just saw this post today because I’ve been on holiday. I totally agree with you Lena,
    and with all the comments. Social media can be so overwhelming. But I have to tell you that I checked your blog today because I always find your posts so well done. With a new book coming out soon, I wanted to reread some of the posts you did when Witchlanders was released, and maybe get some ideas. As Sylvia said, I feel pressure to get some stuff out there. But otherwise, I’ve decided that my blog will be consistently inconsistent, and that’s okay. I hope you’ll still post, even if it’s less often.

  6. Oh, I also meant to say that I too will resist Pinterest. Just hearing about it made me tired.

    • Thank you so much, Jocelyn. It really does feel like I’m sending posts out into space sometimes. And looking at my royalty statements has made me wonder if it’s all worth it. But I have made some great connections online–and I’m glad it helps me keep in touch with you!

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