Deal News!

Ahhhh!  I have been sitting on this news forever, but my agent tells me that the deal for my forthcoming book has been announced in Publishers Marketplace.   I am so thrilled, delighted, nervous–and many other adjectives!–to be working with legendary editor Susan van Metre at Abrams and also with my former colleague at the CCBC and longtime friend, Hadley Dyer of HarperCollins Canada.

Here it is! (Note: You won’t be able to follow the links in the announcement unless you have a PW subscription)

Crystal Kite Award-winner Lena Coakley’s THE WORLDS BELOW, an historical fantasy novel about the Bronte siblings and the worlds they created in their juvenile writings, worlds that come to life and prove even more glorious and treacherous than their prodigious imaginings, to Susan van Metre at Abrams, and to Hadley Dyer at Harper Canada, for publication in Spring 2014, by Steven Malk at Writers House (World English).

So happy!

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9 thoughts on “Deal News!”

  1. Lena! This is marvellous news! Congratulations! What an intriguing premise – I can’t wait to read THE WORLDS BELOW.

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